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A Journal of the Life of Charles Dickens - Kirk Witmer's very interesting year by year timeline of Dickens' life

PBS Dickens Timeline

Where was Dickens? A fascinating chronology compiled by Phillip Currah

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Dickens' Timeline

Dickens' Lifetime
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Dickens Lifetime Timeline George III George IV William IV Victoria Mark Twain William Thackeray Charlotte Bronte Walter Scott George Eliot Jane Austen Thomas Hardy War of 1812 Death of Naploleon First London Police Railroad in London Photography Thames Tunnel Built Great Exhibition Crimean War American Civil War Debtors Prisons Abolished in England

Dickens' Work, Homes, and Family
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Works Timeline Pickwick Papers Nicholas Nickleby The Old Curiosity Shop Barnaby Rudge Martin Chuzzlewit Dombey and Son David Copperfield Bleak House Hard Times Little Dorrit A Tale of Two Cities Great Expectations Our Mutual Friend The Mystery of Edwin Drood Charles Culliford Dickens Mary Dickens Master Humphrey's Clock All the Year Round Furnival's Inn Doughty Street Devonshire Terrace Tavistock House Gads Hill Place Marriage to Catherine Hogarth Kate Macready Dickens Walter Savage Landor Dickens Francis Jeffrey Dickens Alfred D'Orsay Tennyson Dickens Sydney Smith Tennyson Dickens Oliver Twist Henry Fielding Dickens Dora Annie Dickens Edward Bulwar Lytton Dickens Household Words First American Visit A Christmas Carol Frances Elizabeth Dickens John Dickens Readings Meets Ellen Ternan Elizabeth Dickens Staplehurst Rail Accident Second American Visit Dickens' Death